Catch Karol Ladd Discussing her New Book, Positive Leadership Principles for Women on Pointview!

Karol Ladd is one of my favorite authors and if you’re ever looking for a good dose of positivity  you want to pick up one of her books or visit her at . She has given me invaluable advice on parenting through her books. Lucky for us she has another book she is launching entitled, Positive Leadership Principles for Women, 8 Secrets to Inspire and Impact Everyone Around You.” I know this book will be just as engaging as the  others that she has written. Just listening to her talk you just fall in love with her sweet heart. She will be discussing her new book today at 2:00 pm CT at Congratulations Mrs. Ladd! I Can’t wait to read it!! God bless!

Book Inspiration Day 4: Conversations on Purpose for Women: 10 Appointments That Will Help You Discover God’s Plan for Your Life

Conversations on Purpose for Women: 10 Appointments That Will Help You Discover God’s Plan for Your Life,” written by Katie Brazelton is a companion book to Pathway to Purpose for Women and is specifically for those women who want to find another woman who can serve as their purpose partner-helping them down the path to finding their unique God-given purpose. I have read her book Pathway to Purpose and encourage you to pick up a copy and then recruit a friend and work through the companion book together. The books is divided into three sections:

Part 1: The Power of Conversations on Purpose
Part 2: Purposeful Appointments
Part 3: Seeing the Bigger Picture

If you enjoy working with a friend or want to support one another I suggest reading trying out this workbook. Also don’t forget to read Pathway to Purpose for Women!

Book Inspiration Day 3: The Barbarian Way: Unleash the Untamed Faith Within

I heard about “The Barbarian Way, Unleash the Untamed Faith Within,” through an interview I saw with Lisa Whelchel when she was discussing why she want on Survivor. Well, she sold me on it and I purchased this unconventional book by Erwin Raphael McManusMr. McManus calls us to live with untamed faith by giving our heart and putting our faith into God. I like this book because it reminds us that being a Christian is a radical thing to do! We are following God, which isn’t popular in today’s world. But, he asks us to look at the disciples and how they took risks, they followed God and his plan for them by having radical faith in him. They risked their lives to do fulfill their purpose for which God had in store for them. We have to ask ourselves do we have radical faith? Are we willing to put all of our faith in him and not waver? Or are we holding back and stopping ourselves from doing what is beyond our dreams? Have we become to civilized with our faith?

Take a look at this quote from the book, “God’s ultimate end for our transformation is to unleash the untamed faith within. When his Spirit is poured into our lives, we are inspired to an extraordinary level of living. Barbarians never exist simply to survive. Barbarians wake to live land live life fully awake.”Wow, right? Barbarians do the radical by not settling, but by having the courage to live their dreams! What better encouragement for 2014 and beyond!

Check out his new book entitled, “The Artisan Soul,” that sounds inspiring as well.

Book Inspiration Day 2: Joyce Meryer: Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits: 14 New Behaviors That Will Energize Your Life

Our habits can either help us to succeed or they can make us fail. Joyce Meyer’s book, “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits: 14 New Behaviors That Will Energize Your Life,” gives practical advice on forming good habits and getting rid of those pesky ones that steal your blessings and act as obstacles on your path to fulfill God’s will for your life.

The 14 Habit Behaviors she addresses in her book are:

  1. The God Habit
  2. Words, Thoughts and Habits
  3. The Habit of Being Decisive
  4. Healthy Habits
  5. Faith Habit
  6. Happy Habit
  7. Habit of Excellence
  8. Habit of Being Responsible
  9. Habit of Generosity
  10. The Hurry Habit
  11. The Emotional Habits
  12. The Confidence Habit
  13. The Habit of Adding Values to Others
  14. The Habit of Discipline

I know there are a few of these habits I need to work on in my own life! Definitely worth a read!

Book Inspiration Day 1: Successful Women Think Differently By Valorie Burton

Previously, I wrote a review on Valorie Burton’s book, “Happy Women Live Better,” and I found it be a great read that had practical and applicable tips to apply to every day life. So, you won’t be surprised that I’m suggesting you read, “Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier and More Resilient.” In the book she uses real life stories of women who share their success and failures, research, coaching questions,  and spiritual insights.

Before she dives into the 9 habits, she discusses seven key decisions that are meant to steer you in the right direction, which include;  (1) Not downsizing your dreams, (2) focusing on solutions not problems, (3) being authentic, (4) choosing courage over fear, (5) choosing relationships wisely, (6)seeking feedback and (7) knowing your purpose and taking daily actions in the direction of your vision.

The meat of the book addresses 9 habits that can help us reach our goals which are:

  • Habit One: Believe You Can Do It (How you explain your success and failures predicts more about your potential than you think)
  • Habit Two: Get Off the Hedonic Treadmill (Why we are poor predictors of our own happiness and how you can get it right)
  • Habit Three: Stop Trying to Fix Your Weaknesses (Why you should stop obsessing about what’s wrong with you and start building on what’s right)
  • Habit Four: Build Your Muscle of Self Control (Why talent is enough and how to build the trait that will take you to the top)
  • Habit Five: Cultivate Positive Emotion
  • Habit Six: Be Prepared for Battle (Expect obstacles and have a proven plan to overcome them)
  • Habit Seven: Don’t Be a Maximizer (Overabundance can rob you of satisfaction)
  • Habit Eight: Don’t Go it Alone (Authentic connection is important)
  • Habit Nine: Write it Down

Sounds transforming doesn’t it? If you want to read more about it before you buy it, go to Barnes and Noble to read a sample at

Book Review for “Own It’ Read About Owning Your Faith! Great Book!

“Own It,” by Michael and Hayley Dimarco is a companion book to the soon to be released movie, “Grace Unplugged.” I genuinely enjoyed reading the heartwarming story, “Grace Unplugged,” and “Own It,” is like a sweet dessert after a satisfying dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this book filled with nuggets of wisdom about owning your faith. I think that a number of Christians struggle on a daily basis with grasping their faith. Let’s face it many of us can’t believe it if we don’t see it. For those who want to take ownership of their faith and understand it in a tangible way, I urge them to pick up Michael and Hayley Dimarco’s book, “Own It.”
The Dimarco’s tackle the concept of owning your faith by laying out what it means to take and not take ownership of your faith. They stress that when you own something you immediately feel a sense of attachment to it, a sense of devotion or love and even responsibility to that it is you own. They discuss how the heart can mimic faith when it fakes it, borrows it, rents it, pick and chooses it or disowns it all together.  This false faith eventually leads to spiritual deception and a deep sense of discontentment. Surprisingly, most Christians probably walk through these phases on their journey to owning their faith.   The authors explain that you own your faith only when Christ owns you. When you’re consumed with Christ in your daily life you strengthen your faith. So the stronger your relationship with Christ is the more your faith grows.
The book is organized into six chapters that address how owning your faith will save you, cost you, change you, complete you and free you.  This is where the book gets good! Once you start digging into these chapters you begin your own in depth self-examination of your faith. In our society there is an enormous amount of emphasis on self and obtaining worldly desires which often leads us to putting our faith into things or self instead of God. When this occurs the outcome without a doubt will always be disappointing and unfulfilling. Placing faith into ourselves, idols, others, or happiness can’t save us. Only Jesus Christ has the power to save us and our faith can only work if we completely have faith in his saving grace.
The Dimarcos don’t sugar coat the fact that faith does cost you. For example, it costs time. Faith requires you to spend time with Christ. They make the point that the amount of time you spend in your relationship points to the health and depth of your relationship with Christ. When you’re distant you’re less likely to recognize your faith at work, which is why so many people probably give up on their faith. The biggest cost that I would say most people struggle with is giving up control. They hit the nail on the head when they say that if you try to be in control of everything then you are playing God. If your faith is rooted in your control then you can never yield to God’s will. As human beings we like to make up our own rules to live by and follow our own standards. If we’re going to immerse ourselves in our faith we have to be willing to let go our own self-imposed law, guilt, justice, and rights. We have to die to self. This sounds terrifying, but the Dimarcos explain that because of the grace of Christ it isn’t necessary for you to carry these burdens, Christ gave you permission to let go and let him take complete control of your life. Throughout its’ pages Michael and Halyley give testimonies of how they came to relinquish their own need for control and become God reliant instead of self-reliant. In one such testimony Michael writes about when he found himself in a jail cell. Suddenly realizing his way of life wasn’t working he made the decision to completely surrender the false control he had over his life to God so that he could guide him. Even in the worst of circumstances because of his willingness to obey God’s will for his life he finds contentment.  There are many more testimonies that show the stepping stones and situations that both the authors face on their path to owning their faith which are inspiring, encouraging, and relatable.
What this book so beautifully describes is that when you decide to own it and be immersed in Christ your faith will change you. Embracing your faith changes your eternal destination, your heart, mind and even your personality. When you’re aligned with God you develop a willingness to change. This willingness can’t happen on our own, because we’re in a total state of depravity as human beings. Your desire to change stems from your closeness to God that encourages you not to be involved in the old nature, but to live as new creature in Christ with renewed faith.
“Own It,” gives the clear message that your faith completes you. If you live long enough you’ll know that not a human being on earth that can complete you or make you whole. Wholeness doesn’t come through marriage, children, career or anything else the world entices us with it can only flow through devotion to your faith. When you’re complete you’re free. Many of us walk around free, but the truth is we’re bound in shackles. Why? Because instead of owning our faith we live in a state of worry, anxiety and fear all emotions that God never intended for us. The authors tell us that when you worry you call God a liar and you don’t believe you can trust him. That is the wonderful thing about owning your faith you know that God is in control and not one thing will happen that is not in his will and for his glory. This knowledge frees you from your human thoughts and brings you into a spiritual understanding that gives you peace.
I would recommend “Own It,” to everyone who struggles with their faith and especially to those Christians beginning their walk in faith. Understanding that your faith is personal, real, and dependable can change your life if you decided to own it.  
Book Release Date – September 1 (Today!)

Film Release Date – October 4 
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A Book I Can’t Put Down: The Barbarian Way:Unleash the Untamed Faith Within

I wanted to start 2013 by reading a book that would recharge my batteries and get me fired up to get things going! I am reading, “The Barbarian Way:Unleash the Untamed Faith Within,” by Erwin McManus. So far I’m really enjoying it although I’m only on chapter 2. But, I think it is a great read for anyone who needs to be reminded that the barbarian way of living this life is in faith and not being afraid to take risks and step out of the box. When you unleash your untamed faith the possibilities are endless. I’ll give you a complete run down soon. But I say check it out! Click on the source and it will take you to Amazon if you want to add it to your 2013 reading list.


The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions By Lisa Whelchel- A Must Have!

I love celebrating the days that lead up to Christmas. Advent has become a tradition in my house and I”m always looking for little ways to teach Anya about why the days leading up to the birth of Christ are so special. Teaching our children the meaning of Christmas is important and if we aren’t intentional about it, the true reason we celebrate will get lost among the piles of presents under the tree. I found this book by Lisa Whelchel,”The Adventures of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions,” to be a fabulous addition to my Christmas book collection! Inside you will find a number of great ways to celebrate Advent and also give meaning to the many symbols we use celebrating Christmas. This book is a must have for the Advent season! You can order it at Amazon for as little as $10 and it is totally worth it! It is one of those books your kids can take with them when they are older and are celebrating Christmas with their children.

Allow Your Heart to Break Open and Read, “The Global Orphan Crisis, Be the Solution, Change Your World”

Psalms 82:3-4

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hands of the wicked.”

Years ago I wrote an article to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about the atrocities that were occurring in Sierra Leone. I was appalled at the human suffering that was taking place and how the world seemed to have blinders on. I did a fundraiser and had hopes of visiting Sierra Leone to help the many orphaned children and the women who endured unimaginable abuse…but my dream didn’t materialize. It is one of  my big regrets. I had intended to write a book, it would be titled, “Unheard Cries of Terror, Testimonies From The Woman of Sierra Leon.” My aspiration was to bring awareness to the crisis and then to raise money to help these woman become independent and to eventually start an organization that would care for the many children left behind. I am so happy though that Diane Elliot has done something I had only hoped to do that was write the, The Global Orphan Crisis, Be the Solution Change Your World”a beautifully written book that brings awareness to the orphan crisis from a viewpoint that is based in the teachings of Christ.

Diane’s book is thoroughly and thoughtfully written. She covers the global orphan crisis with hard facts while diving into the complexities and problems that orphans are challenged with daily. Diane gives you an understanding of what an orphan is and the often times tragic factors that lead to them becoming orphans. She talks about the orphan crisis in developed, emerging and least developed countries and gives the reader an inside look at the dangers that are these children’s realities.  These realities include poverty, human trafficking, AIDS, lack of education, child pornography, sex slavery,  forced child labor, being forced into becoming child soldiers, rape, and child abuse, is your heart breaking yet? Most of us hear of these things happening to children and we think it is awful, but because it doesn’t happen in our backyard it can be very difficult if not impossible to grasp the devastation that occurs in a child’s life in so many countries when they become a orphan. Diane makes these faces and lives come alive through the pages of her book.

She isn’t just writing about statistics. She is writing from the viewpoint of being a follower of Christ. In every page I can feel Diane’s heart and her eagerness to help the 153 million orphans globally. As a Christian she views this ministry as a calling from God, as a responsibility to help the fatherless children and she articulates this so beautifully. When you read this book you begin to understand that you too have a duty as follower of Jesus to reach out your hand and open your heart. Diane stresses that no contribution is too small, and that it all leads to the greater goodand imprpvement of these children’s lives. Whether you give your time, money, words of encouragement, or become a parent to one of these children it all MATTERS! She gives you practical ways on how to become involved and change a child’s life and she shares stories of those who have changed their lives by becoming involved. These stories will warm your heart and make you hug your children a little tighter. If you believe in scripture and Jesus then you know these are our children too, regardless of the borders that seperate us.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who reads it. If your church is involved in an orphan ministry please have them order this book in bulk! It will enhance and reaffirm to them the importance of the work they’re doing for God’s Kingdom. Or as a single mom if you have a heart to make a difference in a child’s life pick up this book. s a single mom, I feel extremely blessed at the resources I have available to me and I can’t imagine my sweet girl enduring a life with such uncertainty and insecurity. I think as single moms we have the power to impact the lives of  the children of our sisters that we have never met. These women, strangers to us who have children left behind as a result of any number of circumstances, don’t we have a responsibility to them as our sisters in Christ? As mothers don’t we share a bond with them and their children? I applaud Diane Elliott for writing this book with such an open heart and soul. She did what I didn’t. I am so thankful for this book that will inspire the reader to extend their village and reach outside of their backyard into the hearts and lives of children globally. You will thank her too.

Purchase Diane’s Book-
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What I’m Reading?”Finding Your Purpose As A Mom, How to Build Your Home on Holy Ground.”

I’m a big fan of Donna Otto! Not only does she offer great tips on homemaking, but she gives meaningful spiritual advice on raising children and on how to incorporate God in you and your family’s daily life. I have read a few of her books and listened to a number of her podcasts and always feel motivated afterward. I just ordered another book of hers, “Finding Your Purpose As A Mom, How to Build Your Home on Holy Ground.” I can’t wait to dig in and digest some nuggets of wisdom. Although her focus isn’t the single mom, it doesn’t matter! Her books give invaluable advice for all moms.  Her other books on organizing are another great find. Remember ladies, regardless of your martial status your home is you haven! A place where your children grow, are nurtured, and most importantly it is where their spiritual foundation is formed. So building your home on holy ground is essential to you and your children!