The Heart of God: Learning Who God is Through Psalms

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I’m standing in for a bible study class tomorrow that is on the Book of Psalms. Awhile, back I was studying Psalms and it was amazing to me how much of God’s character and heart was revealed to me and who the Lord is to me personally. This is just some of the characteristics that stood out to me. Psalms is a reminder that when we seek God he reveals exactly who he is to us.

1 Peter Bible Study PDF Resource!

Hey ladies! I know I’m really bad with writing lately and I do apologize! I’m juggling a lot lately and it is just me finding the time to do one of my favorite things… blogging! I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m in a Ladies Bible Study at my church and we are studying 1 Peter and 2 Peter. We are using the book, “Sanctified, Set Apart for a Purpose, ” by Kristy Huntsman. I love these 2 letters and I want to get as much out of this study as I can. So, I thought I’d share my notes with you! Below is the PDF, feel free to download it or print it out. I would love to hear your thoughts and am happy to share this with you. Sweet Dreams and hope you had a gorgeous weekend!


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Let’s Study Psalms Together!

One my favorite books of the bible is Psalms. I find so much inspiration, wisdom, comfort and joy in reading Psalms. Today, I was reading Chapter 1 and was moved to really dive into the scripture, pull it apart and meditate on the meaning. I began writing notes in my notebook and thought why not share it with you guys! I would love to hear what you have to say and how you apply these scriptures to your life. I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but it will be as often as I can. Feel free to download it if you find it helpful!

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A New Way of Bible Study for Me!

I began studying Psalms and I’m doing it a little bit differently. I heard a podcast about knowing your Heavenly Father and the speaker said that she had studied Psalms, but as she was read it she wrote the whole book in a journal. I decided to give it a try. Each night I’ve been trying to study and write a couple chapters. I am happy to say that this form of study is really effective for me. As I’m writing the verses they seem to be sinking in on a deeper level. I just finished the first 10 chapters so know I will go back and read over them and make any notes (which are usually in my bible, take a look). Psalms is incredible and I feel like I’m really digesting the scriptures with this new method of study!