A Simple Fun Halloween Wreath

So you know I’ve been crafting alot lately! Here is a simple fun Halloween wreath I made that I’ll probably use for Anya’s party in October. This was so easy! I bought a round wreath at Michaels for $5.99 but had a 40% off coupon, glittery ribbon for a $1.99, a 2 pack of spiders for $1.99, and a bow (forget how much that was). I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and used a hot gun to glue it and then glued the ribbon and spiders. I still have to buy  some ribbon to hang it. These are so easy and fun to make that I’m making a fall one with warm browns and deep reds, which I’ll post soon.

Fall Leaf Project

Anya and I went on a little hike and collected leaves, acorns, etc. Afterward we arranged them in a frame. This is our “Leaf Series.” She did the round frame and the small one and we both did the middle one.  This is an easy fun project to do with your kids and makes for a great fall decoration!