VisArts at Rockville Worth the Visit!

Visit VisArts in Rockville, MD!

My daughter is very creative so I’m always on the lookout for a class or an activity that encourages and inspires her along with being fun! A couple of weekends ago, I found an African Mask making class on a Saturday morning for $20.00. I quickly registered her and I’m so glad I did! The class was at VisArts in Rockville, MD.  I was totally impressed with the various classes, teacher, and spirit of the center. It was a chilly day, but I found a french bakery and settled down with a cup of coffee and a delicious croissant and worked on my play.

If your child loves at like mine does and you live in the Maryland area this may be a great fit for them. They have regular classes and camps. I plan on enrolling Anya in either a class or camp in the summer and can’t wait to see what she creates! If you want to try your hand at something new there are classes for adults as well!

african mask


A Spiritual Scrapbook for Kids

If your kids go to Sunday school or even if you do bible study at home with them, I’m sure they’ve accumulated some really cool stuff! Instead of letting it pile up, put it in a scrapbook! We collect memories in every other area of their life why not their spiritual life? Purchase an inexpensive scrapbook and start putting those Sunday school papers in the book with your kids. Anya and I will often study a scripture and to make it fun I’ll ask her to draw what she thinks about the verse. I posted one not so long ago. The drawings really are precious so I decided to keep a separate scrapbook for them and it is a fun project for her. Hopefully, throughout the years she’ll can look back at her own spiritual growth.

What to do with your Kid’s Artwork?

 I have tons of artwork from Anya. Some pieces are on canvas which are hanging in her room and others are on paper which can get really out of hand. I have a line in my basement that runs almost the whole length of the space. I got some clothes clips and clipped her artwork up on the line. She loves seeing it when we’re downstairs and I change it often.

Good Deed Cross -A Craft for Kids

Soon spring will arrive and the Easter bunny will be hopping into town. The kids will be happily dying eggs and looking forward to having their Easter baskets filled with chocolate. We realize that Easter is much more meaningful than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps. Easter is a time for Christians to reflect on their own spirituality and on the life of Jesus and his everlasting goodness. The bible is filled with good works that Jesus performed. Why not bring the importance of doing good deeds into your household by doing this great Easter craft, the Good Deed Cross. This is an easy craft that your children will enjoy and it encourages good behavior. It is important as Christian parents that we explain to our children the significance of this holy holiday. Let’s not get caught up in commercializing Easter, without giving praise to our savior.

During the holy week of Easter let’s teach our children that the Christian life involves being obedient, doing good deeds, and living a life that models Jesus. Explain to them that God gave his only son to pay for our sins and what an awesome gift this is. Spend family time discussing the many examples of kindness and compassion that Jesus showed to all people and get the whole family involved in doing good deeds.

Follow these easy steps to make the Good Deed Cross:
1. Get a large piece of construction paper and cut out a cross.
2. Tape the cross somewhere that your child can access easily like the bedroom wall or the family room.
3. Purchase multi-colored tissue paper and a glue stick. This is all you need to make your Good Deed Cross.

Every time your child does a good deed have them crumple a piece of tissue paper and glue it on the cross. Eventually, it will look as though it is filled with flowers and it makes a pretty keepsake. This Easter tell your children that when they do good deeds they aren’t just doing something nice but they’re serving Christ, who died on the cross so that we could live eternally with our Father in Heaven.

(I’ll post pics of our Good Deed Cross this week)