Tis’ The Season! My Christmas Card Creations!

Not rushing the season, but I’ll be creating Christmas cards again this year! If you are interested in purchasing a bundle, please send me a message by using the Contact Form to the left. In addition, I have linen pouches you can purchase if you want to put the card on your gifts instead of sending them, it is a really pretty touch.

The prices are $3.95 per card, $30.95 for 10 cards, $45.00 for 20 cards. Free Shipping for orders in the US!

christmas1 christmas2 christmas3

Are You Having A Church Event? A Women’s Retreat? I Have the Perfect Gift for Your Attendees!


One of my newly discovered passions in the last couple years has been creating handcrafted cards. I love the simplicity of making a card that gives an encouraging message that uplifts of the receiver. As I mentioned in previous posts I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to think outside of the box and to pursue endeavors that enrich my spirit and is meaningful to others. So, I’m giving a second life to, A Sweet Refuge,the name I have chosen to represent my card business. Why A Sweet Refuge? I believe words are powerful. When we use words to inspire, encourage, and motivate they can evoke a sweet refuge even if for a short time.

If you are having an event or if your church is having a conference, a retreat, or even a ladies luncheon these cards are the perfect simple gift for your attendees. I decided to put a spin on the cards and add a lovely linen pouch with an emblem to give it a sweet feminine touch. You can also use the pouch to add additional items for your guests to take home. If  you’d like to see some of the cards and products I have please visit my website, A Sweet Refuge.”  Below is an example of the recent cards I did for the Ladies Inspiration Day at my church (I produced 108 cards). I was also blessed to be able to sell them at Kefa Cafe a popular coffee shop in Silver Spring, MD where they sold out.

If you are interested in receiving a sample or discussing how you can distribute these cards at your next event, please email me by using the Contact Form on the right hand side of the blog. You can also purchase them separately. I’ll be updating the inventory in the next couple weeks. Thank you and I hope one day I’ll be sending a card to you!

Women Retreat Cards

A Sweet Refuge is Having a Sale! 50% Off Total Purchase! Sale Ends June 16th!

As I mentioned I am selling my handcrafted cards. Currently, they are at a coffee shop called Kefa Cafe in Silver Spring but they are also online at A Sweet Refuge. To kick off summer I’m having a sale!

 Get 50% off Total Purchase!
Enter the Code: summer
Visit A Sweet Refuge Today!
If you have any questions you can contact me via the contact for on my blog or at asweetrefuge@aol.com

*Sale doesn’t include cards bought at Kefa Cafe

A Sweet Refuge My Handcrafted Cards Business Has Launched! Check Out the Site!

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was productive and gratifying because I finally got my site up for my new creative endeavor, “A Sweet Refuge.” As you may know I love words and I love crafts so I began to make cards. My cards are handcrafted, unique and have a short sweet messages. I am so excited about this project! This week my cards will be in Kefa Cafe in Silver Spring, MD if any of you live in that area, please stop by and grab a cup of coffee also!

I hope you get a chance to visit my site at https://a-sweet-refuge.myshopify.com. It isn’t perfect but I think it is a good start. You will find cards for friendship, inspiration and love. You can order the cards with the decorated envelope or if you wanted a blank envelope you can request it instead. Also, if you order in bulk there are discounts. I am happy to customize the type of card you want designed and can send you pictures of the samples I design. I will also be adding some other fun stuff like goody bags and maybe a few other crafts.

Thank you all for your support! Please visit A Sweet Refuge Below are a few examples of the cards you’ll see! If you click on the title of the card below the picture it will bring you directly to that product.


The message for the card above

Our Love

The message inside the card


The message inside the card above


The message for the card above