Day #90 of 100 Days of Happiness

Day #90 Volunteering for Anya’s Field Trip to the Farm
Anya and her classmates went to the farm on a field trip and I volunteered to drive a few of them in my car. We all had a ball. Funny thing was in the morning Anya said, “I may want to ride with my friends in the van.” Really! I thought, ok that’s cool. But, when I got there her teacher assigned Anya and 2 of her friends to ride in my car. Let’s just say we sang, ate popcorn, and they got honey sticks (a personal treat from me) well by the end they were saying it was the best field trip ever although it rained and was freezing! They even asked if they could ride with me every field trip and Anya agreed! Vindication is good. LOL. Afterward Anya tld me I was the best mom ever and that made my heart burst!
The Farm
The scenery along the way

Day #89 of 100 Days of Happiness

Day #89 Anya’s Party!
Anya had her party last Sunday with around 20 kids! It was so much fun and although it was a lot of work it made me happy because I know I’m creating good memories for her and hopefully a few for her friends. It was fun adding the small personal touches and enjoying an afternoon just being silly!

Day #88 of 100 Days of Happiness

Day #88 is Taking a Moment to Admire Change
So, I’m behind in my 100 days of happiness, so bear with me. Life is crazy busy, but I’ll just post a few happy moments in the past week and then finish it up. In the midst of all the chaos it was nice to take time on Thursday to walk and just admire the beautiful changes in the season. This is a moment that left me smiling and breathing in the present.

#86 of 100 Days of Happiness!

#86 is Hearing My Name Mentioned on a Homemaker’s By Choice Podcast
If you followed my blog you know I adore Donna Otto! Well, after sending her an email with my name and where I was from she mentioned it on her podcast (along with others) That put the biggest smile on my face!

#85 of 100 Days of Happiness!

#85 is I’m Changing the Blog Over to WordPress
One of my goals is on it’s way to being complete! I am switching over from Blogger to WordPress in November! I can’t wait to see the clean new change! I’m using Blogelina because I want a smooth transition so I stay happy!

Day #84 of 100 Days of Happiness

Day #84 Is a Sweet Homemade Card from Anya
Anya shows how much she loves me in a million different little ways. One of the ways she showed me last week was this lovely card she made with flowers inside. How can’t a momma be happy!

#83 of 100 Days of Happiness

#83 is Books that Teach our Kids About God
I love that there are authors out there who are trying to create books that help children learn about God! This makes me happy in a world that dumps so much junk on our kids that can pollute their mind their are people who are being countercultural! I love these books by Graham Blanchard!

Day 82 of 100 Days of Happiness!

#82 is Getting in Party Mode
When party mode strikes I always have a rush of happiness and excitement and a little stress, but I have so much fun creating a little happiness for Anya! Here is a sneak peak of some decorations that will hang from our tree.