Stock Up On Summer Clothing & More with Target’s Memorial Day Sale!

Kick off summer with some cute clothes at an affordable price at Target! There are some amazing Memorial Holiday Deals happening today and tomorrow! Check them out:

Featured Offers include:

Why not treat the kids to a job well done with the end of the school year around the corner. Receive a free $25 GiftCard when you spend $100 on Toys, Games, or Sporting Goods, or a free $10 GiftCard when you spend $50 on Toys, Games, or Sporting Goods from May 28th – June 3rd.

Don’t feel like fighting the crowds? Get it shipped! It’s free shipping over $35!

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Today is Red Nose Day! Join The Campaign To End Childhood Poverty!

Childhood poverty is heartbreaking. No child should never have to go to bed hungry or worried about where they will lie their head. Today, May 25th, NBC television will air Red Nose Day, a live telecast aimed at ending child poverty. The fundraiser began in 1988 by U.K. director, Richard Curtis and recently started in the U.S.

The statistics for childhood poverty are staggering and sobering right here in the U.S. We’ve learned from Red Nose Day charities that:

  • 1 out of 5 young people live in poverty.
  • Every Year, More Than 2 Million Kids in America Will Face a Period of Homelessness.
  • 57% of homeless kids spend at least one day every month without food.


Red Nose Day raised over $36 million in 2016, and over $23 million the previous year, totaling over $60 million in its first two years in the US! The two charities among many others that will benefit from Red Nose Day are Covenant House and charity: water. As moms let’s support this cause and get our kids in on it too! Red Noses are available at all Walgreen locations so please stop by Walgreens and buy a red nose to support this cause.

To help raise awareness and aid in the fundraising efforts, NBC has dedicated a special night of television programming tonight.  Actress Julia Roberts, will join adventurer and fellow Christian, Bear Grylls in Kenya for “Running Wild With Bear Grylls.”

The full line-up includes “Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day” at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, the 9:00 p.m. episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” and “The Red Nose Day Special,” at 10:00 p.m. which will premiere the “Love Actually” sequel.

10 Activities to Do With The Kids In DC on Memorial Day Weekend!

Swing Into Summer

Memorial Day weekend doesn’t have to be spent on the road if you live in DC metro area. There are some fun activities going on in your own backyard. Have a staycation and spend more time with the kids and less time on the road. Here are 10 Ideas to have fun with the kids this holiday weekend.

  1. Jazz in the Garden at the National Art Gallery: Enjoy live music from 5-8:30 pm. Spread a blanket, get some yummy food from the cafe and hang out with the kiddos for FREE. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!
  2. PBS National Memorial Day Concert: This weekend is meant to honor our men and women who sacrifice their lives. This FREE concert on the west lawn at the US Capitol on Sunday, from 8-9:30 PM.
  3. Free Outdoor Movies: Check out the complete lineup for 2017 for DC/MD/VA and lay out under the stars.
  4. Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly & Caterpillar Exhibit:We’ve visited this exhibit several times and it’s magical! Visit Brookeside Gardens at 1500 Glenallen in Avenue in Wheaton MD from 10-4 pm. $8 ages 13+; $5 ages 3-12; Free ages 0-2.
  5. Hometown Holidays in Rockville: Enjoy this 3 Day FREE Festival with 7 stages, entertainers, kid’s rides, teen activities, VisArts Fine Arts, and a parade in Rockville Town Center.
  6. Strawberry Picking at Butlers Orchard:  My absolute favorite place to pick strawberries is open from 10-6 pm. Strawberries are $2.79 a pound. They are delicious!
  7. Viva Vienna Festival: FREE Festival with food, games, entertainment, amusement rides and vendors. Saturday-Sunday from 10am-10 pm and Sunday from 10 am-6pm.
  8. Delaplane Stawberry Festival: A fun 2 days of everything strawberries, games, music, and vendors on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am-5 pm. Advance tickets are $20 per car. This would be a great activity to split with friends.
  9. National Memorial Day Parade in DC: The annual parade starts at 2 pm. Get there early so you can get a good spot and visit the many free museums after that are open.
  10. Hangout at Georgetown Harbor: Get a tasty cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes, if you’re a cat lover visit Crumbs & Whiskers where you can grab a coffee and even adopt a kitten, or just walk along the harbor!

Enjoy! Go out and make some memories!

Book Pick of the Week! Real Advice on How To Stop Being Overwhelmed


How I rate a book usually depends on what I’m looking for at that season in my life. “Overwhelmed, How to Quiet the Chaos and Restore Your Sanity,” by Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory was a God send for me and I devoured it in 2 days. Full disclosure I am an intern for Kathi Lipp, but that’s hardly the reason that I suggest you read this book. because, have such little time to read with 2 jobs, a kid, a dog, a blog and a household I relate to books that give practical tips that I can apply to real life and this book fits the bill.

As single moms if we aren’t careful, being overwhelmed can be a way of life, which isn’t healthy for us or our kids. Kathi and Cheri share their own real life experiences and will keep you turning the pages that are chockfull of practical tips on how to create a plan to allow space in your life and get rid of the insanity. I can’t wait to re-read my  2 favorite chapters, “Just Go with the Flow” vs Personalizing a Well-Defined Work Week and Day and “Just Wing It,” vs Cultivating Peace with a Plan. This is my book pick for the week and I promise you if you decide to read it you will not be disappointed, just get ready to be motivated to make some life changes!

3 Simple Ways To Tidy Up & Organize Your Computer Files

Digital Organization

Unless you live on another planet most of us work on our computers daily, whether it is for our jobs or for personal use. We store important documents, pictures, medical records, just about everything on digital devices. When you open up your documents on your computer are your overwhelmed with the massive amount ‘stuff’ you’re storing? Does it take you forever to find what you need? Here are 3 simple ways to organize your computer files that will make life a little easier!

  1. Delete, Delete, and Delete! The very first step is to go through each document and delete what you don’t need. Before you can organize your files you have to get rid of the stuff that is just taking up space. This may be time-consuming so set aside a big chunk of time to work on deleting files or spread it out over a few days.
  2. Create Folders: Many of us keep  file folders for physical documents so why wouldn’t we maintain folders for our digital documents. Folders make it super easy to find exactly what you’re searching for quickly.Create a list of folders that correlate to your documents.

    Below is a list of some folders you may want to create:

    -Automobile Folder
    -Insurance Folder-Car insurance, maintenance records, title, etc.
    Home Insurance Folder
    Life Insurance Folder
    Financial Folders-Invoices, paystubs, retirement, etc.
    Bill Folder-Credit card statements, utilties, loans, etc.
    Medical Insurance– You may want to create seperate folders for each child’s medical documents or create one folder labeled Medical History placing subfolders inside with each family member’s name.
    Legal Folder-Court documents
    Work Folder-If you have more than one job create seperate folders for each. Create a personal career fold that include employee contracts, severance agreements, correspondence, client contact information, resume, cover letters and references.
    Tax Folder-Tax returns, payment plans, etc.
    School Records-Report cards, correspondence, special events.
    Art Work Folder-Moms, we can’t keep the millions pieces of artwork our kids bring home. Scan it if you can and make an art work folder for each child.
    Mortgage/Rent Folder-Deeds, leases, phone numbers for maintenance, etc.
    Home Management Folder– House organization, chores, meal plans, etc.
    Phone and Address Folder– List of emergency numbers, relatives, friends, etc.
    Photo Folder-If you have a ton of photos try arranging them in an order that makes sense for example by event, year, etc.,

  3. Back up Your Files: If you’ve ever been on the end of a computer crash it is terrifying! The thought of everything being lost is enough to put you on the road to a nervous breakdown! Don’t put yourself through it! There are a few ways to backup your files. You can 1) Use a Flash Drive; 2) Back up to an external drive, or many experts say to use 3) Cloud Storage. Check out the pros and cons of each method and what works best for you.

There you go, 3 simple ways to get your computer files in tip top shape!  One last super important tip is to use the system! No organization system works if you don’t use it, right? So, try to automatically put your documents in files or dedicate 15 minutes a week to digital organization. Proper document storage is a simple way for you to stay organized and put less stress on your daily life!