Bible Study Binder Available! Special Price for August…$12.00! There’s More…You Get One FREE for A Friend! Use the Code: studyfor2

I am super excited to launch the project that is closest to my heart… The Bible Study Binder! The most important thing you will ever do in this life is to nurture your relationship with God. Through that relationship you can reflect the love of Jesus through your life to your kids. I think of it as a way of leaving somewhat of a spiritual legacy for your family. The Bible Study Binder was born out of my love for taking sermon notes, bible study notes, dissecting scripture and having a desire to build up a library of spiritual wisdom and guidance that I could eventually give to my daughter and her family. This binder will help you do that!

I know that the month of August is busy and it is usually a time when we are shelling out the bucks for back to school. So, for the month of August I’m offering The Bible Study Binder with 68 pages full of resources for $12.00, which is about .06 cents a piece! But, there is more! Sisters need to support each other so you get a Code for a Free Copy for a Friend. Click here to see the printables. Use the Code: studyfor2

Take a look at all you’ll receive!

  • Beautifully Designed Dividers & Cover
  • Daily Prayer Printable
  • Prayer List Printable
  • Personal Prayer Printable
  • Count Your Blessings Printable
  • 2 Page Scripture Memorization Printable
  • Favorite Scriptures Printable
  • Life Circumstances Printables to write down scriptures for encouragement (faith, fear, courage, anger, idleness, health, gossip, forgiveness)
  • 3 Different Designs for Sermon Notes 2 pages each
  • 2 Sets of Bible Study Class Notes 2 pages each
  • In Depth 3 page Bible Study Notes
  • Bible in a Year Schedule
  • Bible in a Year Tracker 
  • 12 Month Calendar Bible Study Schedule
  • Extra Bonus: My 1 page personal study of God’s Character through Psalm
  • Extra Bonus: My 1 page on Choosing God’s Plan for Your Life Over the Enemy
  • Spiritual Goals Printable 2 Designs
  • Spiritual Discipline Tracker

It’s a lot, but this is going to change the way you study and how you keep track of your personal spiritual growth. 

Print these pages out every week, every day, and build an amazing Bible Study Binder

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