Plan to Hit The Open Road! Download Your FREE Road Trip Planner Printable!

I’m a road trip kind of girl! The nomadic spirit in me, loves to jump in the car, kid in tow, with a change of clothes and an intention get lost on the open road. Summer is the perfect time to create memories with your family and go exploring. However, there are some trips that require planning. I get it! Currently, I’m writing this sitting in my little Airbnb tree house near where my daughter was in a National Dance Competition (they did great by the way! That’s her in the pic). But, this was one of those trips that took planning.

The competition was July 1st-5th, in a popular beach destination. Uh, hello? What was that about, right? Needless to say I had to put together a plan. I had to research a place to stay, decide on the budget, pack, and plan out a fun itinerary! So planning was essential. 

That is why creating the Road Trip Planner was a no-brainer and why I want to give this to you as one of the promos this week in celebration of the website launch (I mentioned my goal was to launch this website was July 1st, right? Yep, I’m a little loco!) But, you don’t have to be! Take a look at this pretty printable:

Download your FREE  Road Trip Planner today in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Click on Road Trip Planner

2. Click Purchase 

3. Enter the Code OpenRoad

Finish the purchase and you’ll be sent a confirmation and a download in moments. I hope you plan some fun, fabulous memory making trips! Remember to subscribe so I can send you promos and updates on the many new and upcoming printables coming up!

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