My Podcast Picks!

A juicy podcast gives me life! I love, love, love listening to podcasts whether I am walking, cleaning, at the gym, driving, before bed, or just chilling. My criteria for a slamming podcast is that it inspires, encourage and educates me in some form. I wholeheartedly believe that listening to people who motivate you to live your best life are a straight up blessing!

So I’m going to share with you some of my favorite podcasts, and totally encourage you to check them out! Here are my favorite podcasts in no particular order.

RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis: What a powerhouse of energy! Rachel’s podcast dives into a range of topics about life, business, and more!

The Goal Digger, Jenna Kutcher: If you have any desire to start your own business, listen to Jenna. Her podcasts is full of value for the budding and seasoned entrepreneur. Learn about the importance of email lists, Instagram, course creation and so much more!

Modern Homemakers: I’ve been listening to Donna Otto for at least 10 years and she holds a special place in my heart. She literally shaped the way in which I view my home and life as a mom. Her podcast topics center around God, marriage, family, and homemaking. Definitely cozy up to Donna and soak in her wisdom, you will be totally blessed!

Myelin & Melanin: This podcast is special because one of my dear friends Dawn Morgan and Daana Townsend share their musings on life and Multiple Sclerosis. I know Dawn personally and she is AMAZING woman and single mom to an insanely talented son! Read her guest post on my blog and tune into her podcast.

Communicator Academy: Interested in telling your story or putting pen to paper? Kathi Lipp and Michelle Cushatt will give you invaluable information that will catapult you to making that first step in pursuing your writing or speaking career.

Charles Stanley: When I want to hear the word, I always turn to Charles Stanley. His InTouch podcast will feed your spirit and be a blessing in your day.

Tony Evans: I listen to Tony Evans almost daily. His sermons make me want to dive deeper into the Bible, and I almost always find myself listening to an episode more than once.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: Need I say more…It’s Oprah man! Her incredible guests are reason enough to subscribe to this powerhouse’s podcast!

Clutter Free Academy: My girl Kathi Lipp helps you to clear the clutter out of your life, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. I was an intern for Kathi and I became a big fan of this podcast that gives practical information you can use on a daily. She also has some great giveaways!

National Gallery of Art Podcasts: I love art and since I live close to DC, I am a frequent visitor to the NGA. I’ve attended lectures, tours, openings and I can’t get enough! If you like art, check out this podcast and feed the artist in you!

These are just the podcasts I listen to most often, however, I’m always searching for awesome podcasts! What podcast can you not go a day without? Spill the beans! Share your favorite podcasts in the comments!

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