Do People’s Opinions Have Power Over Your Narrative?

Don’t allow people’s opinion about your life, dreams or vision to shape your narrative! Too often we give people power they don’t deserve in our lives. You get to write the pages of your story, and create the life that matches your vision!

Burnout comes when we choose to live against your grain. I say choose, because it is a choice. If we choose to permit people’s opinions to outweigh our faith, our belief in ourselves and God’s purpose for us.

You were born to bloom! God has planted the seeds in your heart and mind, all you need to do is to nurture them into fruition! Don’t allow anyone to stop your growth! In my upcoming eBook, “15 Tips to Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” I will dive into 4 strategies that will help you create your own narrative. You deserve to live out the best version of your life, don’t be afraid to grab the pen and write the greatest story ever!

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