3 Simple Ways To Tidy Up & Organize Your Computer Files

Digital Organization

Unless you live on another planet most of us work on our computers daily, whether it is for our jobs or for personal use. We store important documents, pictures, medical records, just about everything on digital devices. When you open up your documents on your computer are your overwhelmed with the massive amount ‘stuff’ you’re storing? Does it take you forever to find what you need? Here are 3 simple ways to organize your computer files that will make life a little easier!

  1. Delete, Delete, and Delete! The very first step is to go through each document and delete what you don’t need. Before you can organize your files you have to get rid of the stuff that is just taking up space. This may be time-consuming so set aside a big chunk of time to work on deleting files or spread it out over a few days.
  2. Create Folders: Many of us keep  file folders for physical documents so why wouldn’t we maintain folders for our digital documents. Folders make it super easy to find exactly what you’re searching for quickly.Create a list of folders that correlate to your documents.

    Below is a list of some folders you may want to create:

    -Automobile Folder
    -Insurance Folder-Car insurance, maintenance records, title, etc.
    Home Insurance Folder
    Life Insurance Folder
    Financial Folders-Invoices, paystubs, retirement, etc.
    Bill Folder-Credit card statements, utilties, loans, etc.
    Medical Insurance– You may want to create seperate folders for each child’s medical documents or create one folder labeled Medical History placing subfolders inside with each family member’s name.
    Legal Folder-Court documents
    Work Folder-If you have more than one job create seperate folders for each. Create a personal career fold that include employee contracts, severance agreements, correspondence, client contact information, resume, cover letters and references.
    Tax Folder-Tax returns, payment plans, etc.
    School Records-Report cards, correspondence, special events.
    Art Work Folder-Moms, we can’t keep the millions pieces of artwork our kids bring home. Scan it if you can and make an art work folder for each child.
    Mortgage/Rent Folder-Deeds, leases, phone numbers for maintenance, etc.
    Home Management Folder– House organization, chores, meal plans, etc.
    Phone and Address Folder– List of emergency numbers, relatives, friends, etc.
    Photo Folder-If you have a ton of photos try arranging them in an order that makes sense for example by event, year, etc.,

  3. Back up Your Files: If you’ve ever been on the end of a computer crash it is terrifying! The thought of everything being lost is enough to put you on the road to a nervous breakdown! Don’t put yourself through it! There are a few ways to backup your files. You can 1) Use a Flash Drive; 2) Back up to an external drive, or many experts say to use 3) Cloud Storage. Check out the pros and cons of each method and what works best for you.

There you go, 3 simple ways to get your computer files in tip top shape!  One last super important tip is to use the system! No organization system works if you don’t use it, right? So, try to automatically put your documents in files or dedicate 15 minutes a week to digital organization. Proper document storage is a simple way for you to stay organized and put less stress on your daily life!

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