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  1. Hello Chere. I hope all is well. I’m a single Christian mom of an 8 1/2 month old baby girl. I am hoping you could send me some advice regarding my situation. The dad and I dated for a year or so. We are not together and I’ve been trying to reduce our communication to simplify my life. I’m in a position where I have a need to protect my baby girl since he is emotionally abusive, manipulative and very lust driven. Since pregnancy I’ve prayed for his deliverance so he can become a whole human being while at the same time walking with the Lord myself in obedience. Since before baby was born I’ve prayed for her protection and purity. The dad keeps wanting to take her for a day to his plarents house. And from experience of spending time at his parents house with him, there are always inappropriate shows on television, they are always cussing and seldom pay attention to her. Yet, he wants to take her for a day or so to his parents house. He lives with his parents. I am the custodial parent of our daughter but I am afraid to release her to him because I fear they might expose her to things no baby should be exposed to or that they might touch her inappropriately. I say this based on what I’ve known from our visits but I’m afraid I can only delay unsupervised for so long. I have already communicated with him that I am not comfortable with leaving her alone with other adults because of what I’ve seen at that house and based on what I know about him. But the dad keeps on insisting and asking when he’ll get to keep her for a day to himself. I know he watches pornography and has a perverted mindset so there is no way I can ever allow my daughter to be alone with him or his parents. It’s unfortunate because I do want my daughter to have a relationship with her father and the grandparents. However, I have to consider the facts and based on my fears and need to protect her, I’m not sure what to do. I’ve prayed to God that he keep her father away from us for our sake and for us to be released from his control. And so we can move on with our lives. But there is some bondage since we are still in contact. I believe the Lor has helped me with limiting the contact between the dad and I yet I really need him to be out of our lives completely. I do not want his influence in her life and I know God can bring in a good man who loves the Lord who can be a father figure to her and truly has her best interest at heart. I fear the dad might try to take the matter to court the more I decline his attempts to spend time alone with her. I would appreciate any insight you may have. Perhaps I really need to build my faith even stronger and know that with Jesus, this situation will work out in our favor for our safety and protection. In any case, it would be comforting to hear from a fellow single mom in the faith. Thank You so much for your time.

    Best Regards and Blessings to you.

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