Read the New Mom Mentor Post Over at Graham Blanchard!

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I’m excited to announce the new Mom Mentor post after a long summer break! The question this month was, “How has your child’s participation in a Christian group, club, or camp supported you in spiritual parenting?” Trying to give Anya a Christian foundation is more than going to church, for me it’s also guiding her to her own spiritual discovery and personal relationship with God. I find that her interaction with other children, engaging in fellowship, and being part of something that she can call her own is tremendously helpful to me as I support and encourage her to seek God on her own. Read what the other moms have to say over at Graham Blanchard and check out her books and resources as well!

Be on the look out for Graham Blanchard’s Newborn Promise Project that will offer a Christian pre-parenting primer supported by online resources, and life group and video guide in April 2017!

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