Make Time for Simplicity This Summer


I appreciate the simple life and summer is a perfect time to be intentional about white space simplicity. Around the end of April beginning of May moms are always asking me what I have planned for Anya during the summer? We barely get to June and already the plans are being laid out. Believe me I get it, especially when you work in the office, camps fill up fast and a plan is essential. But, since I’ve been working from home and Anya is older I’ve been more relaxed about how she fills up her days. Watching t.v. all day isn’t an option, but I do want to give her the room to experience lazy days with no set agenda. During the previous school year she had 3 dance classes per week not to mention rehearsals every weekend for the Joffrey Nutcracker from September to November. The girl needs a break and I’m happy to give it to her. So what does our simple summer look like?

  • Strawberry picking and gem mining on the farm
  • Sitting on the porch watching movies
  • Board games
  • Sleepovers (we’ve had 3 so far)
  • Trying new recipes
  • Lounging at the pool
  • Reading
  • Bible classes and VBS
  • Leisurely trips to grandma’s house with pit stops on the way
  • Crafts
  • Drive ins
  • Catching lightning bugs (letting them go)
  • Long walks with the dog (we did 5 miles a few days ago)
  • House projects

All of these things are inexpensive and make great memories. Summer is an opportune for quality time that can be as relaxed as you want without a lot of hooplah!

Enjoy your summer moms!

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