Daily Dose of Scripture : Psalm 37: 39-40 The Only Refuge In A Time of Darkness



The past couple of days have been heavy. I wrote previously that our world seems at times to be one big anger ball that keeps getting larger and larger filled with hate, anger, bitterness, prejudice and lack of compassion. It breaks my heart when I see the evil that is taking place and the effect it has on so many. But, I do know that our God is bigger than the anger ball avalanche that appears to be rolling on top of us full speed ahead. I know people say we don’t need prayer we need policy. I refuse to believe that statement. Do we need policies that will protect us? Absolutely. But, we need a refuge. A refuge from the hate, hopelessness, darkness and ugliness that is roaring around every corner it seems. We need to cling to Jesus and to the word that tells us how we should love one another and apply it in our lives, and not to just a select few that we are comfortable with, but to all. In these dark times we have a responsibility as a follower of Christ to shine and be a light. We must make it our business and our intention to love our brothers and sisters without contempt or judgment and to teach our children to do the same through example. We have to start with changing our hearts, our reactions, our words…we need to make a few policy changes within ourselves as well and not just in Congress.

Wickedness abounds, but I do know that love is stronger, wider and deeper. I know that God’s refuge can not be penetrated and is an armor around us through these difficult times. So yes, let’s advocate for change, but let us never ever underestimate the power of prayer. My prayers are with all who are hurting, mourning and discouraged, but I do believe with every fiber of my being, that God’s arms are bigger than the pain and my faith assures me that he will comfort, and give to all who are in need, the peace that passes all understanding.

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