My Beautiful Messy Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Mine was great, well it was until a little stomach virus decided to rear its ugly head, but I’m getting ahead of myself. So, last minute I booked a room at the Country Inn for Anya and I in Berkeley Springs, WV. It is a darling little town that we love visiting so what better place to celebrate. We woke up Saturday, jumped in the car and had a fun road trip into WV. You’ll see through the pictures we had  a great time. We browsed through our favorite antique stores, had delicious burgers for lunch, ate ice cream, played a good old fashion board game in the cutest courtyard and then went to a quaint movie theater where I got 2 tickets, popcorn, 2 candy bars, Twizzlers and 2 drinks for under $20.00! Yes, I need to relocate immediately.

Then… Anya got sick. She said her stomach started hurting in the movie and then she got sick for the whole night. Basically, every hour I was up wiping her face down with a cool cloth and praying she’d feel better. Then Sunday came… it was Mother’s Day! My parents were planning on meeting us for brunch, but there was no way that was going to happen with Anya still feeling  so sick. Now some may say this was a wash, but here’s what I think…

As I knelt near the toilet holding her hair back and feeling a bit guilty (was it all the treats?) I was reminded that this is Mother’s work. Caring, nurturing, loving, comforting, sleepless nights, wiping up vomit all of it is Mother’s work and I’m so blessed to be able to do this work every day in good times and bad or in sickness and health it is all beautiful even the really messy parts. Especially the messy parts because we are reminded of the absolute pure unconditional  love we have for this child we carried for 9 months and will carry for the rest of our lives. At one point I began reading the Bible to her until she fell asleep and I felt overcome with gratitude and love for this sweet human being breathing next to me. As I wiped her face with a cool cloth throughout the night, I thought she is absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Mother’s Day, well of course I hated to see Anya suffer, but what I’m saying is I got to be a mom in all it’s beauty and all its messiness. I drove home under the sun while Anya slept in the backseat and counted my blessings. We got home, hopped in bed, watched half a movie and drifted off to sleep. So there’s my messy beautiful Mother’s Day in a nutshell! Hope you enjoyed your day even if it wasn’t picture perfect!





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