Are We So Busy That We Are Starting to Feel ‘Stuck’ With Our Kids?

Take time to slow down
Take time to slow down

The lazy days of summer are right around the corner and I for one can’t wait! I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer with a lot of white space and unstructured fun. But, summer is a source of stress for a lot of moms. Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and the topic was about over scheduling kids especially in the summer. One mom called and said that basically you have to find a camp for your kids attend or otherwise you’re stuck with them. That word, ‘stuck,’ really hit me hard. Is this how a lot of parents feel? Don’t get me wrong I totally understand why parents have to send their kids to camp. We work! But, stuck? This made me feel so sad because I think too often kids are treated as an inconvenience. Listen, I get it we all need a break, but when did we start feeling stuck with our kids?

I’m sure that mom on the radio is probably a great mom who does everything she can for her kids and I never want to judge another mom. We all have our own shoes to walk in and issues to contend with, but it makes me wonder if our lives have become so full, so busy, so chaotic, so stressful that sometimes our kids just seem like another item on our to do list. It made me think about how important it is to prioritize our life. What matters? What are we putting first? Are we moving too fast? Because of the go go go lifestyle are our kids becoming an inconvenience? Are we feeling stuck with the most precious gift we could be given? Are we allowing the busyness of life and the need to work hard to give them everything actually rob us the real treasure in being a mom?

I think that is why being intentional about our priorities and slowing down is so important. When we think we are stuck with our kids we miss out on the fun, the laughs, the conversations, and just being present and simply appreciating the moment. Are we so caught up in doing that we are neglecting the very thing that needs our attention most? Our relationship with our children is one of the most meaningful relationships we’ll ever experience and these days that we have with them in our household are crucial to building and solidifying that relationship. Nothing is worth sacrificing this relationship. Recently, my cousin’s son graduated and I remember being at her baby shower! Time is fleeting and sooner rather than later we will be wishing we were ‘stuck,’ with our kids. Being a mom can feel like a job, but sometimes we cross the line between motherhood as a job instead of remembering it is a gift that comes with its stresses, but also comes with great rewards, we just have to try to slow down a bit and receive them.


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