Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Hearts of Spring” starring Lisa Whelchel Airs Tonight!

The Hallmark Channel Original World Premiere “Hearts of Spring” airs

Saturday, April 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C

Did you know I have a girl crush? I do and it is Lisa Whelchel! I have loved Lisa Whelchel since she played glamour girl Blair on Facts of Life.  Then I rediscovered her when I became a mom and the fire was rekindled! I devoured her books about parenthood, friendships, traditions and then she was on Survivor which totally sealed the deal on why I think she is so awesome. So when I found out about her new movie for Hallmark I just had to try to get a sneak peek to share it with you all! Guess what? They gave me a sneak peak and it looks like a perfect Saturday night movie.

Hearts of Spring,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie starring, Lisa Whelchel, Michael Shanks and Clancy Cauble who is Lisa’s daughter. “Hearts of Spring,” brings us the story of single mom Carly Ashby (Whelchel) raises her daughter Sadie (Cauble), runs her flower shop and blogs about parenting, her real passion. Dipping her toe into the dating scene after years, Carly finally finds an attractive  prospect in Dr. Andy Sommers (Shanks), a pediatrician who just may be Mr. Right. But, Carly  discovers Andy is ‘Juggling dad,’ an opinionated blogger with radically different ideas about parenting who blows up her blog with his fiery comments, their fledgling relationship seems headed for the rocks or is it? Tune in tonight and find out!

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