Daily Dose of Scripture, Isaiah 50:4-5 What The Sovereign Lord Has Given Me


I was thinking about the period in my life when I’ve was rebellious and turned away from God and they were the most weary and unsettled times in my life. My journey out of spiritual rebellion started when God, first opened my eyes through reading the word. The word kept me thirsty and wanting to learn more.  Then God opened my ears by leading me to a bible based church where I could fellowship and be spiritually nourished by the body of Christ. Finally God opened my heart which led me to saying the big yes to Jesus. Those three important steps forever changed my life. Although spiritual warfare is never far away,  I know that His grace is enough to sustain me, His word fills me up and His instruction leads me. Morning by morning I’m thankful that God has not allowed me to turn away, but turn toward His love and accept his grace.

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