Which Bible Passages Are The Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard Holding Onto in 2016?

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I am so blessed to be in the company of some awesome women over at Graham Blanchard! So I was excited to read what bible passages they are holding onto in this new year. These ladies lean on God and scripture and I have really enjoy being a contributor to the Mom Mentor panel. Read what my passage for 2016 is and everyone else’s as well in the January Mom Mentor Question. 

Also take a look at their blogs they are wonderful and full of insight, funny experience and wisdom. Matter of fact one of our bloggers Kona Brown is nominated for a Top Mom Blog Post in South Africa! If you get a chance read Kona’s post it is #4 and is entitled, “5 Things I Want My Boys to Know on Mother’s Day,” I think you’ll enjoy it. If you are a blogger (only bloggers can vote) and if you are inclined to you can vote for her at http://samomblogs.co.za/blog-competitions/vote-for-your-favourite-post-of-2015.html.

I love seeing women pursue what God lays in their heart! I also love being able to support women as well and along with connecting with sisters that I may never meet, but yet and still we have a heart connection. That is what is so special about blogging! It isn’t the page views it is connecting and sharing! So, thank you all for visiting my blog and I appreciate each of you! Hope you enjoy the Mom Mentor posts!

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