Daily Dose of Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:9 In Your Weakness the Power of Christ is Perfect


Do you feel hopeless? Do you find yourself in a pit or facing adversity that seems never ending? When we’re stuck in a pit we can feel an overwhelming sense of weakness. Weakness can makes us feel out of control, hopeless, sad, angry, depressed and just downright helpless.  Weakness isn’t something we can overcome on our own. We have to lean on God’s grace…that undeserved favor that will deliver us. We prolong our state of weakness when we rely on ourselves or others to be our deliverer. Too often we spend countless hours on the phone with friends complaining about the circumstances in our life. Although friends are a blessing and we should be praying for one another, friends can’t  will deliver us. No one can give us strength it only comes through the Lord. When we accept Christ as our Savior we have access to His power and  his grace which  overcomes our weaknesses. Have you ever been so down and out that you couldn’t move, function or see any light at the end of the tunnel? I have and those struggles tested my faith and tempted me to look outside of God to try to fix the situation. Wandering outside of God never worked in fact it made my circumstances more frustrating. Satan’s lie to us is that we don’t need the Lord and that we are strong enough to deal with our weakness, oh what a destructive lie! We need the grace of Jesus! His grace is sufficient in every difficult situation we find ourselves in regardless of how painful. There is no comfort like the assurance of the Lord. If you are passing through a painful time know that in your weakness God’s power is Perfect, without flaw or blemish. Pursue God in your weakness and you will find the rest and grace that will give you the strength to go forward.

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