Anya’s 10th Birthday Celebration!

I have a 10 year old!! Anya turned 10 last Tuesday and it was a lovely celebration! She didn’t have school because of the weather which then later cleared up (thank you God for  little surprises)!The day kicked off with a yummy breakfast, then off to Kibana Spa where she had a little sprucing, then we went to Bounce U, later she enjoyed a mani/pedi and we ended the night eating a delicious Italian dinner where we had the best waiter ever! She also had a Luau theme sleepover on Sunday where she and her friends stayed up until all hours! What was so wonderful about this birthday is that we spent it together just me and Anya. We had such a blessed and special time and I was reminded of how beautiful it is to experience this mother/daughter bond. That evening Anya thanked me for a perfect birthday. The funny thing is I was feeling that we should have done something really special since it was her 10th birthday, but for her it was perfection.  I feel so grateful that we have such a close relationship. There is no one on earth that I’d rather be with more and as we spent her 10th birthday together I got excited thinking about what the future holds for her and for us as mother and daughter! Here is a peek into Anya’s Birthday!











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