Need Some Inspiration? See The New Movie Release “Greater” The Story of Brandon Burlsworth

Greater one-sheet

With 2016 underway we can all use a little inspiration to reminds us that nothing is impossible when our faith is rooted in Christ, we have a dream and a passion to work towards making our dream a reality. You won’t want to miss,“Greater,”  the story of Brandon Burlsworth, the unlikely star football player at the University of Arkansas whose inspiring life and legacy taught family, friends and fans about the greater purposes and lasting impact of a life lived for God.

Brandon Burlsworth (newcomer Chris Severio) had a dream, to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but wasn’t considered even good enough to play Division I football. That didn’t deter Brandon. Instead fueled by faith, determination and the support of his older brother Marty (Neal McDonough) and his struggling single mom, Barbara (Leslie Easterbrook),  he takes a huge risk by walking on to the team in 1994. He succeeds in the face of staggering odds, and by the end of his college career, Burlsworth was not only a star player in the SEC, but he was also a 1st Team All-American.  He was then taken as an early pick in the 1999 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. Then tragedy hits and the real test of faith comes that no one saw coming.

Take a look at the trailer for, “Greater,” and make a date to see it with your friends, family, or church on January 29th.

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