Daily Dose of Scripture, Timothy 3:1, A Worthy Woman



Trustworthiness is one of the most admirable characteristics you can possess.  It is so very easy to gossip, to slip up, and unfortunately to betray someone’s trust. I don’t believe that is always done maliciously or intentionally, but nevertheless when it happens it can hurt, damage and devastate the person whose trust was betrayed. Not to mention the relationship is usually never the same. Our words carry so much weight and power and we have to use them responsibly. It is all to easy to lend an ear to gossip and although it may seem harmless, it usually always has a consequence. A woman who can be trusted, that isn’t malicious, and is temperate; meaning that she can practice moderation or self-restraint is the kind of woman who others flock to and find comfort in, isn’t this the woman we all want to become?


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