Daily Dose of Scripture, Psalm 25:15 “Keeping Our Eyes on God Keeps Us Free”


Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? Or have you struggled with that secret sin that no one knew about but you? Were you successful in breaking the chains? Most likely not. Regardless of how hard you tried to release yourself it is likely that you couldn’t set yourself free and it isn’t because you lacked will power or determination or even wanted to stay stuck in sin. When sin has a stronghold on us the only one who can set us free from it snares is God. Sure, he wants you to participate, but first and foremost you have to turn to him. Your eyes aren’t focused on God they they are usually focused on the sin. When we focus on sin we give our energy over to it instead of turning our attention to the Lord. When we stop feeding our relationship with God, we become more hungry and that hunger leads us back into whatever it is we want to stop. If you have a void you fill it with whatever makes it full. So, we have to ask ourselves when we experience a void are we going to fill it spiritually or by worldly means? We can count on true fulfillment when we turn to God not the temporary pleasures that the world gives so freely. Let’s keep our eyes on God so we experience true and genuine peace!


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