Daily Dose of Scripture: Isaiah 43:18- Its Time to Leave the Wasteland

Are you holding onto anything that is keeping you from joy? Are you harboring any bitterness, anger, disappointment or resentment that is keeping you stuck in the wasteland? God wants you to let go, to forget the former things so that you can drink from the fresh streams God wants to give he provides! One of the most beautiful gifts you bring into 2016 is the spirit of forgiveness and a desire for peace. Don’t hold onto anything that is negative. I’m not making light of the fact that some situations and experiences are hurtful and devastating and regrets have a way of hanging on to us as a reminder of how bad we may have screwed up, but take the lessons and let it go. Repent if you need to and forgive yourself and others if needed. Ask God to take away anything that is making you remain you stuck in the muck of the wasteland that will deflate your hear, your spirit and your testimony. You have too much to do for the Kingdom!  Do not dwell or live in the past, instead expect and accept the NEW THING that God has in store for you! But, you have to want it and thirst for the new! On this new day shake the dust of the past off your feet and take your peace with you! Here is to 2016 and fresh new streams!


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