Daily Dose of Scripture Proverbs 8:35-36 Wisdom Is Life Giving!



Proverbs chapter 8 is about Wisdom’s call. How blessed are we when we use God given wisdom that is given to us freely, that is right at our fingertips. Wisdom isn’t unavailable, on the contrary it is in plain view in scripture. Scripture that isn’t based on man’s thoughts, but that was God breathed to give us instruction and guide us on our journey. Wisdom is life giving! It is when we fail to use wisdom and make poor choices that lead us into sin that we harm ourselves. When we fall into sin we distance ourselves from God. This distance tears little holes in our spiritual life and leads us off of God’s path. Is wisdom always easy to follow? Nope! Because sometimes the unwise choices seem like so much more fun right? We may think that one little choice won’t hurt us that bad, but that is the devil’s lie. That one little choice can be the snowball that starts the avalanche of sin that takes on a life of it’s own. The Lord loves us that is why he has made His wisdom accessible to us! He wants us to have his favor so hear wisdom’s call and keep it close to your heart and mind.


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