“OMG, How Children See God,” A Book That Will Put a Much Needed Smile on Your Face!


What the world needs now is love oh love and that is why “OMG! How Children See God,” by Monica Parker is a perfect book to dive into during these turbulent times. It is also the perfect Christmas gift that really captures the spirit of the season. The beauty of children is their innocence, honesty and the unique way they view the world and in this book how they view God. Monica asks children ranging from age 3-12 several questions about God and the answers are just delightful! I found myself sitting in a coffee shop literally laughing out loud! Let me just give you an example of some of the questions and answers that will definitely put a smile on your face:

“Who is God?” I think God is a big hug that goes all around the world.-Liam 5

“Why Do We Need God?” To give us love and then we can give it to each other-Annabel 8

“What Does God Wear?” God always wears a shiny dinner plate behind his head as well as a wrinkled sheet.-Nick 9

I loved this book for it’s simplicity, sweetness and darling pictures that the children interviewed drew. Faith is a fundamental cornerstone in the spiritual development and well-being of our children. In such an uncertain world it is vital that as parents we teach our children about God and that they let us know what’s on their hearts as well. I encourage you to read this book with your kids, I did and my daughter truly enjoyed it and we had a great discussion on her thoughts about the questions in the book. “OMG,” is a fun way to have a dialogue about God along with opening up a door to talk freely about faith.  Monica Parker has given us a sweet treasure that is a gem for parent and kids alike!

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