Make Your Vision A Reality! Read Dream It. Pin It. Love It. By Terri Savelle Foy!


I didn’t expect Terri Savelle Foy’s book, “Dream It. Pin It. Live It.”to have so such a profound impact on me but I’m so glad it did! In fact I think this is the best book I’ve read this year. With a fresh new year right around the corner this is the perfect book to dive into on those cozy snow days with a hot cup of cocoa and start envisioning your 2016! In the every day routine of life (especially as a mom) it is easy to lose track of our dreams and in many cases bury them altogether because ‘life,’ gets in the way. What we fail to realize is that our dreams and vision is what makes us thrive and feel alive!  If we choose to push our  vision to the side we do ourselves a great disservice and more importantly we disregard the plan that God has for our life. Terri plants that seed that makes you question if you are living your best life.

Terri encourages you to get clarity about your dreams.It isn’t enough to just set goals, but we need to write them down, change your habits, think carefully about what we are attracting by what we think about ourselves and finally to create a vision board. What I love about this book is that Terri isn’t telling you to put some pretty pictures on a board  and wish really hard that your dreams magically come true, instead she gives you practical advice on how to work towards your vision and how creating a vision board that reflects that vision is a crucial step in making those dreams you have nestled away come to fruition. Terri stresses the impact of the power of the pen and writing down your goals, but not just writing them down and putting them away. No, you need to read them every day and do something that brings you one step closer to accomplishing them.  This is far from a new age book as Terri weaves biblical scripture  and quotes throughout the pages that keeps it completely faith based.

Terri reminds us to have childlike faith, the kind that gives us the audacity to dream! In each chapter she gives you action steps to make your dreams a reality that you can  immediately incorporate into your life. For example, she encourages the reader to write 10 goals, to work on themselves, to be grateful for what they do have, gives suggestions on what to do while they’re waiting and how to create a vision board. If you ever feel like there is something more that you should be doing with your life or that God destined you to do something different than what you are doing now, please read this book! Terri reminds us that living happens now not tomorrow and that life is whatever you  create it to be. What would have to happen in 2016 for you to say this was the best year of my life, now once you answer that read, “Dream It. Pin It. Live It.”and get started on making it happen! It can you know, all you need is a vision, some discipline, faith and a vision board that speaks to your heart’s desire.


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  1. Hello Chere! I just received “Dream it. Pin it. Live it.” last night and read your post on the book just now. I flipped through the book and was so excited to see it’s based on Biblical Scriptures!!! Cannot WAIT to delve into the book this winter (with hot chocolate in hand) while I get inspired about what the Lord has for me in 2016. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that our dreams can get buried by life, but we need to do what it takes to keep them alive.
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