Avoid Single Mom Burnout Tip #11 Step Outside of the Box

Routines are the major part of our day, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Routines are instrumental in giving our families structure,   security, peace, and even joy. But, when you start to resemble a robot and your household is more like an assembly line rather than a place of creative energy than routine becomes more life sucking  than life giving. If your routine is draining you and the   little mundane tasks of everyday life is burning you out than its time to step outside of the box!  Life is supposed to be exciting! Are you climbing Mount Everest and hiking through the rain forest every day? Probably not, but I think life should contain a healthy dose of spontaneity! We feel most alive when we are learning, trying something new and just living in the moment instead of living by a strict to do list. If you find yourself drowning in monotony throw yourself a life preserver and do something different! Life is short, take time to embark on an  adventure! Try new things, take a risk, go new places, meet new people and step outside of your norm.

Single moms have a unique situation in that they usually have every other weekend or some part of the week free.  Now, I know we’d much rather have our kids with us 24/7 and this can be a really rough adjustment, but take advantage of that time to push routine to the side and do something that is totally different! Take a painting class, go wall climbing or zip lining, pack a small bag and just get in your car and drive to no particular place in mind.  Don’t go off the deep end and do anything reckless or put yourself in a dangerous situation, but have fun and give yourself permission to do so! Every day you work hard, you take care of your family, maintain a home and a host of other things and that is admirable. You are a ROCKSTAR, but it’s also okay to get refreshed by trying or doing something new!

Get spontaneous with your kids and family time as well. There is no one on earth I’d rather be with more than Anya. One my favorite things to do with her is to travel and be spontaneous on a whim. When we step outside the box, it gives her a sense of wonder and adventure not to mention it allows us to create long lasting memories! Your kids most likely will be on board to do something different with mom, after all they get tired of the day to day routine too! So, go ahead and be an explorer, challenge your mind, and step outside the box you deserve it!

A last minute trip to NYC and a late night dinner in Little Italy! These are the nights that memories are made!

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