Avoid Single Mom Burnout Tip #5 Get Organized

Tip # 5
Get Organized!
Organization Tip: Set a timer for each room that you clean. Give yourself a set time to get it done, then take a break so you don't wear yourself out!

Organization Tip: Set a timer for each room that you clean. Give yourself a set time to get it done, then take a break so you don’t wear yourself out!

In my single years pre-Anya the word organization wasn’t in my vocabulary! I managed well and didn’t give a second thought to organization.  Then I became a mother. Then I became a single mother and life got extra hectic. I hit a brick wall when Anya was three years old. I was juggling a dozen balls in the air and trying to keep them from dropping on my head was taking a serious toll on me. I was burned out, cranky, out of sorts and exhausted. I couldn’t catch my breath and always felt twenty steps behind. I desired to create a cozy, clean, organized home along with a life that didn’t feel as though I was just going through the motions. I simply wanted to simplify my life, but had no idea where to start.

Then one day I came across a site called Homemakers by Choice that would literally change the way I lived and how I managed my household. The founder Donna Otto had written a book called, Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time that I recommend you read as soon as possible if you are serious about getting organized. I devoured it and  begin to listen to her daily podcasts. It completely changed my outlook and my actions about organization. I developed an appreciation for order and how it effected my spiritual life as well. How could I do God’s will for my life if my world was a mess? I found myself wanting to get organized! An orderly home no longer seemed unattainable instead it became a God send! When I made organization a priority I had more time to spend with my daughter, do the things I enjoyed, and create the home I envisioned for myself and Anya. I noticed an immediate change in my attitude and the overall mood in our home approved.

Organization looks different for everyone. What may work for me, may not work for you. If you’re intimidated by the idea of getting organized, take one step at a time. Here is how I got started:

  • First: Consider the level of organization you would need to maintain in order for your week to run smoother. Ask yourself, “What are some things I can do that would lessen my stress?
  • Second: Take an inventory. Go to each room of your house and simply write down what needs done. While your taking inventory make note if you need storage bins, labels, etc. Tackle the room that needs the least amount of energy and work. If you get one room done quickly then it will motivate you to go to the next.
  • Third: Create a schedule. Give yourself a snapshot of what needs done weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Fourth: Invest in a good planner and calendar. There are so many cool tools and resources available that can keep you on track.  Previously, I wrote about Cozi an app that I have on my phone that stores my calendar, to do list and shopping lists. You may want to create a chore schedule that is in plan view so that your kids know what chores they are expected to complete.
  • Fifth: Be intentional about maintenance and preparation. You don’t have to get all OCD, but preparation goes a long way. For example, if you are able to prepare lunches for the week your shaving minutest off of your morning routine which is easily one of the busiest and stressful prone times of day. Maintenance with kids may seem impossible, but the more you are able to maintain the less you have to do during your already busy day.
  • A lack of organization can leave you feeling burned out and depleted. Examine what role organization has in your life. Is it a leading contributing factor to your stress? If it is then think about these 5 steps and start making changes. I promise it will change your world!

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