My Debt Free Journey Continues!


My journey to becoming debt free is continuing and progress is being made! Basically, I’m plugging away and trying to zero out my smallest bills first and applying those minimum payments to the next bills. It feels great to pay off these bills! My struggle lies in making sure every dollar has a place to go and making sure it gets there. I also need to take a more realistic look at how much can go into savings and how much I spend on food and other items.

Here is my progress for July (this is also an overall snapshot) :

  • 5 Credit Cards Paid off for a Total of $1992.00
    • In the Amounts of $357.08, $280.18, $232.00, $668.00 (July), and $454.86
  • There is an extra $180.00 freed up to apply to other debt
  • Decreased  other debt by$1673.00 (including tuition and ballet classes)
  • Added an extra $115.00 to savings

I may also be adding another source of income which I plan on pouring into savings.

I’m still planning the August Budget but my Goals are to:

  • Pay off a credit card of $653.58
  • Pay off additional $1840.00 in debt
  • Save $300.00-$400.00

What’s Helped:

Wish me luck!

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