Debt Free Journey Update!

The Debt Free Journey Continues!


I’m working really hard to pay off this debt and I can’t express how good it feels to make the amounts due turn into a big old $0! Here’s my progress so far:


Credit Card Update: Another credit card is paid off! The amount was $657.28 and it is now wiped clean! Yipee! That makes $2649.00 in credit cards paid off in about 2 months! It frees up $213.00 in minimum payments.

I also paid another $1328.00 off towards other debt and all of my payments on credit cards are paid for September.

Other Expenses that took a bite out of my income was Anya’s school uniforms which were a total of $223.00 plus her book bag, lunch box and other school supplies were about another $50.00.

Splurge: I did buy some new curtains, a rug and a plant all paid in cash and all on sale.

Savings: I’ll be adding about $250.00 towards my savings account at the end of the month.

Income: I added a new income! It isn’t coming in yet, but when it does it is all going towards the debt. I continue to search for short term projects that will contribute to my goals!

Goal for September:

  • Pay off credit card of $1352.00
  • Put money away for our trip to Europe (more about that later)
  • Pay Taxes for my contract position

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