5 Simple Tips To Transform a Room

I love coming home to a cozy house! Lately I’ve been wanting to make a few changes, but not break the bank. Here are  few simple tips I have for changing your living space cheaply.

  1. Simply move the furniture around. I find that moving a chair or switching out pictures on the wall makes a huge difference! Pull in furniture from other rooms (utilize what you already have in a different way). Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. Change the curtains. I had these lovely blue curtains up in the living room that I adored, but I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Changing the curtains gave the room a lighter feel and even made it feel bigger.
  3. Pillows! If you find pillows on sale buy them! I found a couple at Michaels that went perfectly with my living room that were $8. You can’t beat that!
  4. Plants add life to a room. I bought a hanging plant for the kitchen for $6.00 at Walmart and now I’m obsessed with adding them all over my house.
  5. Buy a rug that stands out and add pieces that compliment it and accentuate the room.

I’m thrilled with the new look!


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