Late Night Summer Fun! Fun Doesn’t Just Happen In The Day Time!

It’s good to step out of routine for both kids and adults and summer time provides that laid back free landscape we need to do just that! What better time to be spontaneous than at night! I’ve tried to teach my daughter that not every minute has to be planned out and going with the flow can produce some of the best memories. If your days are packed with work and the kids are at summer camp trying to doing a few fun things at night with them. Here are a few things we’ve done that I’d recommend trying on one of those summer evenings!

-Find a late night coffee shop, sit outside and have a treat. Anya and I went to a coffee shop by her school around 8:30 in the evening and just enjoyed the night air with a cupcake and some coffee.

-Go to the bookstore! I can literally go to the bookstore anytime. I really like small bookstores, but they rarely stay open late, but Barnes and Nobles is open until 11:00 pm. One night around 9 I told Anya to hop in the car and we browsed the bookstore and hung out reading and purchasing a couple books.

-Hang out at a late night diner. This is the same idea as the coffee shop but hey who doesn’t love breakfast at night! It’s great bonding time too! We did this one night by going to IHOP and having pancakes.

-Catch an outdoor movie. Check you local area to see if they sponsor a screen on the green. These are so much fun and are normally free. If you can’t find one then try to find a drive in and bring a few pillows and a blanket to cozy up. Nothing says summer to me like the drive in.

-Take a ride. I find myself in the car a lot these days and I love the open road. Load into the car, throw in a great CD and just drive and sing as loudly as  you want and just have a good old laugh with your kids!

-Sleep outside. Surprise the kids one night and tell them everyone is sleeping outdoors! If they are younger most likely they will love the adventure of staying outside all night.

-Is there a special place where the stars and moon shine just a little brighter? Go gazing. Find a great parking space, sit on the top of your cars and just enjoy staring up at the sky! Teaching our kids to appreciate natural beauty is underrated.

-Find a summer concert- Many summer concerts are free so hang and listen to music under the twinkling stars!

-Take a walk in your city. If you live close to a major city take some time to walk around at night to admire how different it looks in the night time. I live near DC and viewing it at night is always a different experience.

-Simply sit on the porch- Enjoy some ice cream delight in your evening.

Okay, so are you ready to become a night owl yet? Of course safety is always first and if any of these suggestions would pose a danger to you or your family by all means don’t do them! You may want to have another mom and her kids come along. The more the merrier right? I guess the point is any time that we get to appreciate one another’s company we should do it, whether if it is in the evening or during the crack of dawn, the goal is to log time with our family and cherish the moment!

Late night at the drive in with gram
Late night run to Baskin Robbins!
Star Gazing

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