Be Blessed…Listen to The Homemakers By Choice Podcast with Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot (photo credit from
Elisabeth Elliot (photo credit from

Heroes of the faith are so precious and when they leave us we usually experience a mixture of joy and sorrow. Joy because they’re with the Lord and sorrow because the world lost a great gift. We lost one of our brightest lights on June 15th when we  said goodbye to the beautiful, godly and courageous…Elisabeth Elliot.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Elisabeth Elliot whose husband Jim Eliot was speared along with four other missionaries in Ecuador where they were attempting to share the gospel in 1956. Elisabeth led by God, courageously stayed in Ecuador with her daughter to continue with missionary work for  many years. When she returned to the United States she was a speaker and an author of numerous books about motherhood, discipline, God, the Christian family and so many more. I encourage you to make them a part of your library.

Donna Otto, who I’ve mentioned many times before was very dear friends with Elisabeth Elliot, whom was her mentor. Donna, has generously shared podcasts from 2008 with Elisabeth Elliot that I urge you to listen to if you get a chance. You will be blessed by the conversations between two lovely friends who shared a very special bond.

Listen to the 7  Part Podcast by visiting Homemakers by Choice

Visit the Official Elisabeth Elliot site for more resources, books, newsletters and broadcasts.



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