My Book Pick for June! ‘Make It Happen,” by Lara Casey!



If you are looking for encouragement to take that leap that you  know you should be taking, then look no further! You’ve got to read “Make it Happen,” by Lara Casey. A couple days ago we were at the book store, I picked up this book and started flipping through it and couldn’t put it down, but I did because I’m cutting down on buying anything that isn’t necessary. Then a day later I headed back to the bookstore because I couldn’t get it off my mind and realized that it was necessary! If you want inspiration along with practical advice on how to live on purpose and take that much anticipated leap this is the book. Head on over to Lara Casey   who is now my new favorite motivator to look at her blog, products and magazine! Yes, she publishes Southern Weddings along with some rocking products (she’s having a 60% sale off of select products). I can’t wait to do a review!

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