Got Summer Household Projects? Assign Them to the Kids!

Operation bathroom sink organization  underway!
Operation bathroom sink organization underway!

Summer time is fun time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few projects around the house finished! Why not let the kids earn some extra money by assigning them age appropriate projects? It is a great way for them to learn some homemaking skills and add some responsibility to their plate. Here are a few projects my daughter will be working on this summer to earn a little cash.

  • Grind the coffee beans and put them in a container
  • Bathroom Sink organization
  • Linen closet organization
  • Putting fruit  into storage containers
  • Cleaning out the drawers
  • Assisting me with pantry organization
  • Assisting me with cleaning the basement (this is a long project)
  • Assisting me with filing and paper organization (this includes organizing her desk)

Some of these are really easy weekly chores, like grinding coffee beans and storing prepared fruit, however some of the skills I’m teaching her are how to cut a pineapple or watermelon (don’t worry she’s not using the knife), how to properly clean fruit and veggies, where to look for an expiration date on medicine bottles (under supervision of course),  and just the overall principals of organization. She’shaving some fun, helping me out and earning between .25 and $5.00 depending on the project. Whenever, they crying how bored they are think of a project that will keep them busy, teach them some household skills, and maybe put a little cash in their pocket!

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