Proverbs 28:19 “Are You Working Your Land or Chasing Fantasies?”


I’ve been asking myself more than ever this year, “What am I doing to work towards my purpose?” “How am I living the life that in my soul I know I should be living?” “Am I using my time foolishly or wisely?” Many of the women I’ve come in contact with are asking themselves those same questions. I think there are seasons in our life where we need to work our land so that we can live in abundance. The abundance I’m talking about isn’t from a paycheck or a big number in the checking account. I’m speaking about the abundance that comes when you are leaning into God’s will for your life. The abundance that brings fulfillment, contentment and a deep sense of connection to God and your relationship with others But, this abundance doesn’t derive from fantasies. Our dreams can turn into fantasies when we spend more time talking and dreaming about what we want to do rather than on acting towards bringing it into fruition. When we allow our dreams or purpose to turn into fantasies we become poverty-stricken in our spirit. If we allow fantasies to overcome the actual doing we feel an empty void that leaves us yearning and mourning for a life that appears out of reach. How do we avoid this poverty? We work the land! How?

1) Pull out the Weeds– Weeds strangle and kill. Get down to business and start pulling those weeds out of your life! Maybe it’s anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, procrastination, or some habit that is hindering your land from prospering.

2) Plant the Seeds– What seeds do you need to plant to make your land fruitful and abundant? What is God telling you to plant? What are your gifts and how can you be of service?

2) Fertilize the Seeds– If you plant those seeds and do nothing else with them, but walk away for a season then how will they grow? What tools, resources and skills do you need to fertilize your seeds for them to grow?

3) Give your Seeds Plenty of Light- Without the sun your seeds won’t grow. The light is a source of life. God is your source and your light. While you’re working your land you need to go directly to the source so that you can thrive.

4) Plow and maintain the Land- Once your seeds start to flourish it is important that you maintain the land on a daily basis. You have to plow your land. Plowing your land means to to break and turn over earth. Remember that some seasons are more prosperous than others, some will seasons will leave you broken but you have to keep plowing!

Work your land, be abundant and keep plowing ahead and I believe we can live the life that fantasies are made of, but without the poverty!

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