Have Your Own Single Momma’s Retreat at Home!

A little girl time hits the spot!
A little girl time hits the spot!

I love the idea of having a retreat or going on a retreat, doesn’t it just sound relaxing? Now throw in some girlfriends, food, conversation and silliness and it sounds down right delicious! I believe in the power of sisterhood and connection and one way we do this is through the time we spend with one another. It isn’t easy finding free time for a couple hours not to mention a couple days, but what if you made it a scheduled event that you do once or twice a year?

Most of the single moms I know have every other weekend free, why not plan a weekend with the girls? Ladies, single parenting is hard work and we all need retreat, a time to unwind, and have a little fun! I know money can be scarce so here are my tips on how to plan a single momma’s retreat at your own house!

  1. Pick a Day: Have a meeting of the minds! Review everyone’s schedule and determine which weekend works best. Make a commitment and put it on the calendar.
  2. Plan Activities: Think about what you like to do together and plan your activities around your interests. For example, every morning wake up and go on a hike, go for a bike ride, plan a picnic, at home spa treatments, crafting, painting, games, go to the movies or ask each person to bring her favorite movie. Have each person pick one activity for the weekend.
  3. Eat: Who doesn’t love to eat! If you decide to do all the cooking, then make sure you know everyone’s preferences or dietary restrictions. I suggest sharing the cooking and going to a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning for that evening’s dinner. Maybe have each person suggest a meal that is simple, yet delicious!
  4. Preparing Your House: Stay relaxed, these are your friends! Make sure you have plenty of the necessities like toiletries, towels, linens, snacks and drinks. Clean your house a few days before, but don’t stress out!
  5. Make it Memorable: Sweet touches can make your girl’s retreat extra special. As the hostess it can be as simple as giving everyone a handwritten letter, expressing your appreciation for their friendship, or a small gift that will remind them of your time together.
  6. Get Some Prayer Time In: One of the most meaningful ways we can connect is through Christ. Make time during the weekend for prayer. Dig deep and find out where each of you need prayer in your lives and pray over one another. A perfect way to end the weekend is to attend church together and have brunch.

Keep it simple, light, fun and enjoy one another’s company! If you don’t want to have it at someone’s home, other ideas are going camping or to a cabin, renting a hotel, or going to a beach house or spa. If you split the costs these ideas can be affordable. But, sometimes the best place is at home with your feet kicked up on the porch, with a tall glass of iced tea laughing your heads off! Whatever you decide for your retreat make it memorable!


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