Dollar Tree Haul! See What I Got for a Dollar!

Do you love the Dollar Tree? I do, especially when I’m buying things that in reality should only cost a dollar but are much more somewhere else. Here is my Dollar Tree Haul and a few of my favorite items.

dollar tree

  • Microfiber Dishcloths- I always need dishcloths and I like these because they are durable, light, and hold the suds well.
  • Dish Scrubber
  • Blue Containers- I’m going to use these for either my pantry or under the sink for storage.
  • Composition Book is  for blog planning  🙂
  • Storage Bowls- I love these! They are perfect for storing fruit, veggies and leftovers. They are also a perfect size for a pre-made salad for lunch.
  • The Decorative Box- I’m going to use this to store my scriptures and ideas for some projects I’m working on. I thought it was pretty and just the right size.

Do you have favorites at t the Dollar Store?

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