When Normal Doesn’t Fit Any Longer…


Lately I find myself feeling that stir in my belly. No, it isn’t from a late snack! It’s that deep sense I feel when I know that something is about to change. It’s like you know you are on the cusp of something that will catapult you into a different chapter in your life. Part of me is excited and another part is kind of anxious. The anxiousness isn’t from fear it stems from the required risk it takes to jump outside of my normal. Honestly my normal  doesn’t feel quite so comfortable any longer. It reminds me of an old tattered sweater that I loved but is full of holes and is ready to be set aside. I’m emotionally attached to it, but it just doesn’t fit. I believe we go through times in our life when our normal suddenly feels constricting and we intentionally or unintentionally start to push against it and make the jump outside of the box, sometimes we’re pushed and sometimes we just free fall.

The ‘normal’ box.. holds us, confines us, that is until we decide that normal doesn’t serve us any longer. When normal is suffocating the flow of creativity or is hindering  us from our purpose than it’s time to say goodbye to normal and step outside the box. I’m slowly beginning to say my goodbyes to the limitations that the ‘normal box’ has placed on me. I no longer desire to live a normal life.. to simply exist. Instead I’m yearning to live a life that honors what God has created me for and there’s no room for me to reside in the normal box any longer (I’m being evicted). I won’t give ‘normal’ a bad rap because it has served me, kept me safe and gave me stability when I needed it most so I will honor my normal box and bid adieu to it without any regrets, yet at 42 I’ve learned when it’s time to leave the party.

I’ve made the decision to acknowledge the stir in my belly and to create the life that I’m aligned with because…well there is no other way. Doing what doesn’t feel right is taking my breath away, its no longer an option. It’s amazing the opportunities that come when you stop ignoring the stir and instead sit with it, listen to it and not be afraid to follow what you feel in your deepest places. Living a life less ordinary takes courage, but the rewards are great. The biggest reward is loving yourself enough to know that you deserve to live an extraordinary life and then trusting and believing in yourself to break out of the box to walk in your truth.


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