Watch the Documentary “Living On One Dollar” You’ll Be Motivated to Make A Difference

Anya and I just watched a beautiful and humbling documentary on Netflix called, “Living on One Dollar” If you want yourself and your children to gain a deeper appreciation for your blessings watch this movie. Basically, these four young college friends studying international development decided to travel to rural Pena Blanca, a town in Guatemala. There they live on $1 a day to experience what life is like for those living there. They experience hunger, sickness, and poverty, but what they gain is so much more. They friendships they make and what they are now doing to help those in the village is nothing less than incredibly humane and wonderful.

First, I suggest watching the movie. Second, visit Living On One the organization they’ve started to improve the lives of the people in Pena Blanca and also in  Za’atari a refugee camp in Syria. There are a number of ways you can help from donating items, to buying goods, to learning how to spread awareness. I’ve already signed up to be alerted for when their next documentary is released and to buy a t-shirt to support Rosa, a woman in the film who is working towards being a nurse. Talk about pursuing your dream! Rosa had to quit school in 6th grade to work to help support her family. She was finally able to get a micro-loan to start a weaving business and just graduated high school in December at age 26!

If you want to watch a documentary that will settle in your heart and touch your humanness watch Living On One Dollar

A must watch documentary
A must watch documentary


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