Take Time to Go Off The Beaten Path With Your Kids

My daughter and I are just like any other mother and daughter. Sometimes we get along like 2 peas in a pod and sometimes I think does this kid have it out for me or what! She’s getting older and although she’s a sweet lovable girl she has her moods. She’s nine now and she’s growing up. Last week we had a few of those moments where we both ended up crying! Yep I was shedding a few tears too! We talked about the disagreement and ended up hugging it out, but it made me think about how important is to maintain that closeness and openness with one another. Life has been really busy lately and although we are always together  life is changing the older she becomes.

Last night I had to run to the bank around 7:30 to make a deposit. There’s a Barnes and Nobles next to the ATM so I decided to make a beeline and we ended up browsing around the bookstore, flipping through books and just quietly spending time with one another. Normally, we’d be home winding down for the evening, but I made an exception and I’m so glad I did.  It was nice that it was just us leaning against one another reading a book and being present. Sometimes we need to take our kid and go off the beaten path to just reconnect and move away from the everyday routine of life. It was a wonderful evening and I highly suggest making an exception every once in a while to do something unexpected! It makes a world of difference!


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