Step Up The Chores for Your Kids and They’ll Rise to the Challenge

This weekend I had to catch up on some serious cleaning because the previous week was crazy busy. One of the chores I despise is cleaning the bathroom. So… why not have my daughter clean it! LOL yes, these kids come in handy don’t they? I let her empty the garbage, clean the sink, the tile on the wall and the toilet…she loved it! I cleaned the tub for safety reasons, but other than that she tidied up the bulk of the bathroom. She really enjoyed using the plunger for the drain in our sink which keeps getting clogged. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to do that with all the┬ápulling up and down, but it was what she excelled at most! Don’t underestimate your kids! Give them more challenging chores as they get older and you’ll be surprised as they rise to the occasion.


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