Resource of The Week- Homemakers By Choice Podcast on Intentionally Preparing for Easter


Easter is a significant day for Christians. This is when we reflect upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this is how we were reconciled to God. It really is the holiest of holy holidays.  Easter isn’t just about eggs, bunnies, and new outfits for church, it’s about understanding the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I think it’s important that our children understand the true meaning of Easter. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get an Easter basket, but I think as parents we should be intentional about teaching our children about this holy holiday.

My Resource Pick of the week is the podcast by Homemakers By Choice on Preparing Intentionally for Easter. Donna Otto does a wonderful job in her podcast giving us 40 Ways to Intentionally Prepare for Easter. These are practical things we can do with our family to keep the real meaning of Easter alive in our homes. There is also a series on Preparing for Easter in 2013 that is 45 days worth of podcasts.

Visit Homemakers by Choice to review the other resources available.

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