One Word to Sum Up My Weekend… Gratitude

I hope everyone had a great weekend. After a pretty rough week I was in need of a couple of restful days. Days that went slowly, that were filled with food, lots of laughter, friends and fellowship and by the grace of God I was granted my desire. Friday was spent lounging on the couch with my friend Christina after eating a healthy dinner and then indulging in popcorn and movies. Saturday, was double the fun with Dawn and Christina and we worked on an exciting new venture, ate sushi and watched movies. Sunday, I got myself to church and well, I have to write about that experience in another post. Later I went to Christina’s house because you know we  hardly see one another! LOL She had made a lovely dinner and then we had some decadent dessert. My weekend can be summed up in one word gratitude. I am so unbelievably grateful for the love of those around me and I hope they know they make my life richer.



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