Make Time to Get With Your Girls!

One of the reasons I love church is the fellowship. I always feel rejuvenated after I spend time with friends from church. It isn’t always easy to forge friendship inside or outside of church so here are some ways that you can have fun fellowshipping and building relationships!

Host a Game Night
Games are a blast for people of all ages! What better way to share some laughs and get to know each other than host a game night. I’m actually going to one tonight! Have everyone bring a game if you don’t have enough or pick one game for the night. Everyone can bringĀ  dish or a dessert so the host isn’t responsible for providing all the food and the games.

Create a Book Club
Books are a great way for people to bond and start conversation. Vote on a book to read or have each person pick a book for the month or every two months. Choose a place or alternate between members of the book club. Maybe have tea and cookies or coffee and everyone brings a different type of tea to try.

Supper Club
This is my favorite! Host a dinner one night a month for everyone to break bread and get comfy with one another. The easiest way is to do a potluck, or if the host does the main meal everyone bring a side or a dessert.

Bible Study
Start a bible study. Maybe it is a single mom’s bible study or just a bible study in general. This is a great way to feed one another spiritually and really get into the word with your sisters in Christ.

Walking Groups
A walking group is a great way to get exercise and hang out together in nature. You can stop at the coffee shop and then do a lovely walk through nature. I have had some of my best conversations during a hike.

Craft Night
Crafting is a creative way to bring people together and with the holidays coming up there are a lot of fun DIYs that you can dive in! Crafting usually brings a lot of laughs. Schedule a day and host a crafting night with snacks and lots of fun crafty items. Maybe do a project for a cause, for example like making care packages for soldiers.

Whatever brings you together I say try it! It is so much fun getting to know your church family so get your wheels turning and find a way to fellowship!

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