Real Mom Moments: A Day in the Life of Me!

Tuesday’s are busy! Here is what a day in my life on a Tuesday looks like:

5:50 am- Inexplicably woke up and decided I was cold so turned the heat up

6:00 am- Couldn’t sleep so got up and made coffee

6:15 am- Climbed back in bed with coffee and read the bible and prayed

7:00 am- Started breakfast. Anya wanted turkey bacon and strawberries with honey and I had oatmeal with strawberries

7:15 am- Ate breakfast with Anya

7:30 am- Threw a load of laundry in washer

7:40 am- Anya and I got dressed

8:00 am- Out the door to school

8:20 am- Arrived at school

8:30 am- Picked up cleanser and detergent at the grocery store. Listened to Charles Stanley on the way home.

9:00 am- Started work

9:30 am- In between emails washed dishes, threw another load of laundry in, and vacuumed the house

10:30 am-Did call backs for work

11:15 am Completed financial aid application for Anya’s school

11:30 am Ran financial reports for work

11:45 am While reports were running made Anya’s lunch for the next day

12:00 pm Took more calls for work

12:30 pm- Finally got off call and ate a bowl of cereal

1:00 pm- Took a lunch break and prepared for my blog radio broadcast

1:30 pm- Did my broadcast on my #1 Tip for Avoiding Single Mom Burnout

2:00 pm- Back to work

2:50 pm- Got Anya’s ballet bag and snack ready

3:00 pm- Left to pick up Anya from school

3:15 pm- Got Anya in the car so we can get to ballet

3:30 pm- Stopped at Les Girls to get new ballet shoes and tights ($34!)

4:15 pm- Dropped Anya off at ballet

4:30 pm- Arrived home and continue working

5:15 pm- Prep dinner (baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad) and set the table

5:30 pm- Left the house to pick Anya up from ballet

6:00 pm- Stopped at CVS for Swedish Fish 🙂

6:30 pm- Sat down to dinner

7:15 pm- Helped Anya with her homework she had a lot!

8:40 pm – Washed dishes

8:50 pm- Started bedtime routine

9:15 pm- Put Anya to bed

9:30 pm -Showered

9:45 pm Climb into bed and read the bible

10:30 pm Off  to sleep!


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